We Support Music and the People Who Play It

Musicians across all genres and generations count on Rock and Roll San Diego for rehearsal rooms, backline and instrument rentals, instrument and gear repair, group and private music lessons, audio recording, video production services, and more. We’re here to support every type of musician.
— Mark Langford, Owner and Operator of Rock and Roll San Diego
Mark LAngford, Owner and Operator

Mark LAngford, Owner and Operator


Music Lessons


Music Lessons for Kids and Adults

We have instructors to teach everybody from the newest and youngest beginners all the way to seasoned musicians looking to expand their skills or learn new instruments. Lessons are customized to each student's experience, musical interests, and goals. 

Rehearsal Rooms


Hourly Rehearsal Rooms for Every Band

Our hourly band rehearsal rooms come outfitted with everything your band or a soloist needs for a productive rehearsal, with drum kits (cymbals available for rent), guitar and bass amps, a PA system, and up to four Mics.

Event Space Rental

We’ve got the perfect event space for a conference, small concert, or for filming your next music video.
Hendrix Hall can hold up to 65 people and Rock and Roll San Diego has all the backline you’ll need for your next event.

Need help with a special event?

We are San Diego County’s only all-in-one audio and event production company.

Don’t let our name deceive you.
Rock & Roll San Diego provides professional, industry-standard sound, lighting and video services for all business events — big and small.

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Rock and Roll San Diego

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