Yamaha 3204 II

Yamaha 3204 7.jpg
Yamaha 3204 7.jpg

Yamaha 3204 II

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The features:

A total of 10 buses
4 group, 4 auxiliary and the main stereo.

Insert point on all channel inputs
Group outputs (1-4), and the main stereo outputs.

4 auxiliary sends
2 pre, 2 post fader; user programmable.

Input and output signals
Can be monitored via the stereo cue bus.

2 fully assignable (line level) tape inputs
This is for connecting tape-, CD-players, etc.

It also has low impedance XLR type microphone inputs.

Balanced phone jack line inputs.

Clear screen print legend and rotary control scaling
This is for optimum S/N operation.

Dedicated tape recorder outputs
Pre-stereo master fader.

20dB attenuation pad switch

Input channel peak indicator
Illuminates 3dB before clipping.

+48 phantom powering
The phantom powering is for the condenser type microphones.

Low noise, high rejection integral power supply.

Assignable VU meters
The meters come with integral peak Led.

Input Cue Led
The Input Cue Led indicates when an input cue switch is active.

L and R Cue Signal Leds
They indicate the presence of a signal in an input channel.

Four-band EQ
Four-band parametric EQ consists of fixed frequency shelving high and low EQs, and two variable frequency peak type mid-band EQs. All EQ's provide up to 15dB of boost or cut, and the high EQ is centered at 10kHz and the low, at 100Hz. The low mid EQ's center frequency can be set from 80 Hz to 1.6 kHz and the high mid EQ, from 400 Hz to 8kHz. The choice of center frequencies and the overlap between frequency bands allows you to perform detailed equalization across the audio spectrum.

Four auxiliary sends are provided: auxiliaries 1 and 2 are configured pre-fader, pre-EQ, pre-HPF, and auxiliaries 3 and 4 are post fader.

Monitor, route and mute
Input channels can be routed to any pair of group buses (1 and 2, or 3 and 4) or to the stereo bus. Monitoring is possible using the channel CUE switch, which, when selected, feeds the channel signal onto the cue bus, then to the headphone output. The cue switch is unaffected by the channel on/off switch, allowing you to monitor a channel even when it is muted.

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