Marshall MG100HDFX


Marshall MG100HDFX

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Boasting the same impressive features and staggering versatility of the MG100DFX combo, 100 Watt amp head will drive any cabinet from the Marshall range, but is best suited to the MG412A (angled) and MG412B (straight) 120 Watt 4 x 12 cabinets. Big Marshall tone, feel, and projection come standard.


  • 100W Output
  • 2 Channels
  • Separate EQ Per Channel
  • Clean/Crunch Switch
  • OD1/OD2 Switch
  • Contour Control
  • Footswitchable Channels
  • CD Input
  • Emulated Line Out
  • Emulated Headphone Jack
  • Footswitchable Digital FX
  • Digital Reverb
  • FX Loop
  • FX Loop Level and Mix Control


MG100HDFX Guitar Amp Head

  • Dimensions (mm): 590 x 253 x 270
  • Weight (kg): 12.8
  • Footswitch (supplied): PEDL-90004

*If needed for more than five days, please call
(619) 255-9594

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