Yamaha MC3210M

Yamaha 3210 5.jpg
Yamaha 3210 5.jpg

Yamaha MC3210M

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12-bus format

This format allows 10 individual monitor mixes and 2 auxiliary mixes.

Switchable hi-pass filter

This filter is located on each input channel (80 Hz roll off).

4 auxiliary return channels

Each channel features level, cue, and group routing facilities.

Electronically-balanced XLR connections

The XLR connections are for the microphone inputs and group outputs.

48V phantom powering

The powering is for the condenser microphones.

Insert patch points

The patch points are located on all input channels and group outputs.

Groups 9 and 10 can be used to create a stereo mix.

These groups can be used to create a stereo mix.

Large, illuminated VU meters with integral peak LED.

Low noise, high rejection integral power supply.

Rugged chassis construction

This is for long-term touring reliability.

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