5 Things Every Musician Needs

Rock & Roll San Diego caters to the needs of all musicians! Buy a Gift Card for your favorite music fanatic this holiday season and let them use it for whatever they need — anytime they need it!


Practice, Practice!

Whether you’re a solo musician, singer or full band.. everyone needs to polish their craft or simply get LOUD from time to time. Choose a rehearsal room that fits your needs and crank it up!


Music Lessons

Rock & Roll San Diego can help you pick up an instrument and learn how to play it. Already play? Help the aspiring musician in your life further their knowledge by taking their skills to the next level. We teach — guitar, bass, drums, piano & vocals.


Setups & Repairs

Do you know someone whose musical instrument has become uncomfortable to play? Got a broken amplifier lying around that needs to be resurrected from the dead? Have No Fear! We provide in-house repair services for instruments, amplifiers & more!


Buy New / Used Gear

Nothing inspires long hours of playing or songwriting like having a new instrument in your hands! Or maybe the music lover in your life has progressed beyond their beginner-level instrument and into something more professional? Regardless of your needs, our salespeople can help!

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Equipment Rentals

Rock & Roll San Diego offers a full line of sound system & backline rentals. From coffee shops to large venues, if you’re putting on an event or need a PA system, we’ve got you covered! Stop by and browse our — guitars, basses, drum kits, amps, sound systems, lighting & more!