Voice and Singing Lessons

Our voice instructors are experienced practitioners and educators who are here to help you or your child gain the skills and confidence they need to reach their singing goals. 

Learning to sing can be a very challenging and vulnerable experience at first, which makes learning even more rewarding! Our students get personalized lessons built for their experience, interests and goals. Once they're ready, we help them get on stage and show the world what they can do at one of our rockcitals or other events! 

Whatever you're  style, we'll pair you with an instructor who will help you advance your abilities and help you sing with the confidence of a rock star! 

Pricing for Vocal Lessons


  • Individual 30-minute private lesson: $35
  • Individual 60-minute private lesson: $65

Weekly Lessons - Pay-Per-Month

  • One 30-minute lesson per week: $135/month 
  • One 60-minute lesson per week: $235/month 

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