Rehearsal Rooms

Band Rehearsal Rooms

Come rehearse at San Diego’s premier rehearsal facility, ROCK AND ROLL SAN DIEGO. We have both hourly rehearsal rooms and monthly rehearsal studio rentals.

Centrally located behind Soma next to Valley View Casino Center (San Diego Sport’s Arena), we have multiple hourly rehearsal rooms available from 154 Sq. Ft. all the way up to 1750 Sq. Ft. with high quality backline gear. We offer many other options of premium backline and audio/visual for rent through our rental department. Our facility is built and designed for professional touring musicians, complete with lunch rooms, lounges, showers/lockers, sales and tour bus friendly parking!

Rehearsal Rooms Hourly


Hendrix Hall

    • 29.5 x 56 (1652 sq. ft.)
    • $45/hr*

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Glass Room

  • 18 x 21 (378 sq. ft.)
  • $30/hr*

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Side Room

  • 12.5 x 22 (275 sq. ft.)
  • $25/hr*

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The Gym

  • 20 x 24 (480 sq. ft.)
  • $35/hr*

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The Studio

  • 12.5 x 17 (212 sq. ft.)
  • $25/hr*

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* There is a 2 hour minimum on bands, 1 hour on soloists. All rooms include basic backline: P/A, 4 Mics, 4 Stands, XLR Cables, Standard Drum Kit (without cymbals), Bass Amp, 2 Guitar Amps. We recommend drummers bring their own cymbals or we have cymbals available for rent for $10 a day.

We also offer music accessories, drinks, and snacks for purchase. To book a rehearsal studio hourly call 619.255.9594. Appointments made online require the use of a credit card which will be charged immediately upon booking.

Rehearsal Rooms Monthly

To inquire about monthly rehearsal studio rentals, please give us a call at 619.255.9594 or email us at